Belk’s New Coporate Brand

On October 12, after 43 years, Belk, Inc, updated their familiar logo and brand. It was a $70 million effort to appeal to the “modern Southern woman”. The new tag line “” goes along with that concept.

old Belk logo

Before (1967)

New Belk logo

After (2010)

Founded in 1888, in Monroe, NC, by Henry Belk, the store was first called “New York Racket” and then “Belk Brothers,” after William Belk made his brother, John, a partner. Today Belk is the largest, privately owned, retail department store chain in the US.

The new logo includes black, lower-case lettering with a three-leaf flower to the left along with the slogan underneath.

I believe it is a more modern turn on the old logo. It includes all the basic characteristics of current logo trends (the lower-case lettering, subtle and simple imagery, 3-word slogan separated by periods). Even though the logo follows current trends it has an appeal that can stand the test of time.  This may possibly be where Gap was trying to go with their rebranding effort.

Gap Logo fail

Gap's rebranding FAIL

What do you think about Belk’s rebranding? Was it a necessary project for Belk to tackle?

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