Entrepreneurship: Balancing Life and Business

The Balancing Act

Ever go to work wondering where the weekend went or feeling that you never had a weekend? How often does this scene repeat? If you’ve had these thoughts/feelings more than a few times, then now, is the perfect time to create a healthier balance for your work and personal life. Creating a prioritized-workable agenda and sticking to it is one way of achieving a healthy balance. How does one begin? Keep reading.


First, identify, list and prioritize those things that are truly important to you accordingly. To do this, you will likely need to in some way restructure your current calendar of events! Prioritizing helps one to govern his/her time and attention and enables one to see and cut-out activities that are un-necessary and disruptive. List each key element within your work, social, dating and family life. Lets not forget to include your own personal time (consider hobbies and activities that enable relaxation and time to de-stress). . Because building and maintaining relationships are important, Entrepreneurs should always be adept at creating and targeting objectives that are (SMART) specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.

Factor in that many of you are someones wife/husband, mom/dad, sister/brother, aunt/uncle friend/significant other colleague/problem solver, etc. Oh yeah, did I mention all the other day-to-day responsibilities that one faces? Whew! Meeting the needs of all the fore mentioned in your personal life is a job in itself and like all jobs they each have a list of demands, expectations and requirements. So, when it comes to making time for yourself and those you love while juggling long hours/days/weeks in business, it becomes quite the challenge, to say the least. Not balancing effectively, could lead to neglect in one or more areas, creating turmoil, stress and other complications for any one individual. This brings us to the next step(s)…

Schedule and Plan Ahead

After you identify what needs your attention, schedule them accordingly. Recognize that your priorities at times will change, sometimes frequently. What do you schedule and plan ahead for? Everything…meetings, conference/video calls, social networking events on and offline, date nights, personal time, etc. The busier your schedule is, the more you need to…

  • Plan your strategy with lists, outlines, drawings (when applicable) and/or dream boards.
  • Schedule your plan of events in at least two calendars (cell phone and other calendar) that are in constant view.
  • Set reminder alerts on your phone and PC for your events.

Some goals and priorities may change depending on any number of things so it is important for you to leave room to…

Be Flexible
Be Flexible

When creating balance within professional and personal life, flexibility is a key factor. Remember to make time for the things that are vital to your happiness and well-being. As much as possible, prepare for frequent changes that will sometimes present  unwanted/unexpected surprises and if you’re dating or married don’t forget to leave room for a little spontaneity.

Quick Tips to help with Balance

  • Outsource office work to a virtual assistant
  • Enlist the help of your supportive friends and family
  • Utilize applications that help with scheduling (google calendar, Appointy, etc)

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