JC Penney Starts Lighthearted Feud with Kmart over ‘Jingle Bells’ Ad #ShowYourJoe

Kmart #ShowYourJoe Jingle Bells ad

JC Penney took to twitter yesterday to do some promotion and poke a little fun at Kmart’s viral ad ‘Jingle Bells’. In case you have not seen the ad, here it is:

The risqué ad has drawn the attention of close to 10 million viewers, one of those being JC Penney who started a friendly, social media, back-and-forth banter with Kmart.





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About the Author: Mark "helperdogg" Bailey

Mark Bailey is the founder and owner of Yellow Dogg Designs, a graphic design and web development studio in the Eastern United States.

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  • I happen to love the kmart jingle men i bet if it were females the reaction would be jdifferent go jingle men and great holiday commercial for kmart i smile every time i see it

  • Now this was an interesting approach by JCPenney, and I am glad that they chose to do this. This really is a good holiday commercial for a number of reasons– not the least of which being that it has had plenty of people talking about it.

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