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WordPress Support is One Click Away!

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Tweet Maintaining and managing a website can be a daunting experience for a company without the support team to handle it. Seeing a need to address that issue, Yellow Dogg Designs, in partnership with Hyper-Linx Website Enhancement Services, will be launching a support website to give as little or as much WordPress support as a business or individual needs. The new venture will be called The Press Planet. The Press Planet will provide services for customers who […]


Why Joomla is Good for Small Businesses


Tweet As a small business becomes more conscience of the importance of a solid web presence they look for a long-term solution that will successfully provide this. One of the challenges small businesses have is the inability to hire a team of developers within their infrastructure to constantly maintain changing web content. In many cases, once they contract an outside web developer to construct their web site they are faced with the issue of how […]


Why Your Website Is On The D-List


Tweet The D-List is a term used in Hollywood to describe persons whose celebrity is so obscure that they are generally only known for appearances as so-called celebrities on panel game shows and reality television. This is the life a lot of websites live because  they do not take the necessary time to pay attention to the important details needed to have a successful website. So instead the website lives a life of obscurity So […]


eBook Review: Traffic Overdrive by Justice Wordlaw IV

Traffic Overdrive - Send Your Web Stats Into Overdrive by Justice Wordlaw IV

Tweet In the film Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner’s character, Ray, hears a voice that says “If you build it, (they) will come”. While this may be true about a lot of things, it is not entirely true in the world of web design. A good website can lie dormant and untouched if nothing is done to announce its presence. It is not automatic that if good content occupies webspace people will come view it. […]


Is Your Online Business Failing? 5 SEO Tips to Get It On Track

Search Engine Optimization

Tweet Search engine optimization (SEO) – as a new business owner you’ll soon hear about it (tada). You’ll hear about how wonderful it can be, and how it can solve all your online business woes (as in, “woe is me”) and whoa’s, as in: Whoa! One month on the Internet and still no traffic! Whoa! I spent all this time creating my site and nobody is staying! Whoa! I have no idea what’s happening on […]


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